Educational Objectives


Educational Objectives

In accordance with its mission and goal, Arirang University has developed the following educational objectives:

1. Arirang University graduates will demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the theories and principles of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

2. Arirang University graduates will achieve all the necessary clinical skills and proficiencies to competently assess, diagnose, and treat patients based on the techniques and theories of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

3. Arirang University graduates will attain the necessary knowledge to effectively communicate, educate, and work with the public by integrating and applying the theories of biomedical/Western sciences into their practice of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

4. Arirang University graduates will practice acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine professionally and ethically and in accordance with federal and state legal requirements.

5. Arirang University graduates will exemplify the importance of honing their practical and theoretical skills as practitioners through, but not limited to, continually researching and deepening their knowledge of Oriental medicine by attending Oriental medicine seminars/conferences and reading current research literature.