Our Mission


Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate exceptional, compassionate, and empathetic practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine by providing a strong cultural awareness of the global influence of Oriental medicine and philosophy, a solid knowledge base of biomedical conventional medicine, and extensive clinical training and mentorship.

Arirang University, a non-profit organization, is committed to preparing our students to become licensed practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental medicine who are able to treat a wide range of health issues in an integrative holistic manner, counsel and guide patients on matters of health and wellness, and work collaboratively with healthcare practitioners and the public within a variety of clinical and community settings by fostering an environment that promotes:

Core Values
Embedded in the mission of Arirang University are the rich cultural beliefs and values of Oriental philosophy. Our core values are:

·  Compassion, caring, and giving
·  Integrity and professionalism
·  Diversity
·  Respect for all life
·  Harmony and balance
·  Community