Academic Policies


Academic Policies

Academic Credits
The academic credit or unit awarded at ARU is a standard trimester credit. Each trimester credit represents 15 hours of classroom study. For clinical internships, one trimester credit is equal to 30 hours of clinical activity. In the case of some courses, one trimester credit may also be equal to 20-30 hours of laboratory/demonstration plus requiring approximately 10-15 hours of additional study. A minimum grade of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale for the master’s level program is required for each course in order to receive any academic credit for the course. The transferability of ARU credits earned at Arirang University is made solely at the discretion of the accepting institution.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirement
Academic progress in ARU’s M.S.A.O.M. program is assessed in terms of both qualitative and quantitative measures. Students must maintain satisfactory qualitative and quantitative progress in order to stay in the program.

Full time students must:
1. Attempt and pass no less than (12) credits per trimester. (Note that the Academic Dean may define the required summer session as fewer than 12 credits for purposes of determining fulltime enrollment). Exemption from a course will not alter fulltime status.

2. Complete the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program in no more than eight (8) academic calendar years.

Audit Policy
Only for currently enrolled students, “Audit” means an enrollment in a credit course with the stated intentions of receiving no credit and no grade. Student may “Audit” a class or classes for which transfer credit has been granted or a challenge exam has been passed (Audit fees apply please refer to tuition/fee page). Student may audit a class on class space availability and instructor approval. Auditors must be respectful of the privilege of attending a class for which he or she does not need credit by allowing credit students primary access to teachers and class question/answer time. An audit must be declared before the end of the 5-day registration period.