Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (M.S.A.O.M.)
Admissions decisions are based on several factors, including previous academic performance, meaningful work experience, and recommendations by individuals qualified to judge the student’s potential for University work. KPU seeks students who are mature and highly motivated and whose professional goals are consistent with the mission and goals of the University.

Kings Park University’s M.S.A.O.M. program requires a minimum of 36 months (3 full calendar years) to complete. The maximum time KPU permits for completion of the program is eight years. KPU allows for part-time study on a case-by-case basis. For additional information on part-time study, students should consult with the Admissions Coordinator.

Requirements for Admission
For admission into the M.S.A.O.M. program, KPU requires prior completion of two academic years of study (60 semester credits/90 quarter credits) at the baccalaureate level, or the equivalent at an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, or the foreign equivalent.

In addition, KPU recommends that applicants complete six semester credits in anatomy and physiology before enrolling in the M.S.A.O.M. program. However, students have the option of completing two anatomy and physiology courses during the first two trimesters of the M.S.A.O.M. program, as Anatomy and Physiology I and II are offered as part of the curriculum and subsequently required for graduation.

Applicants who have completed two academic years of study in a nursing or physician’s assistant program meet KPU’s undergraduate education requirements. KPU requires applicants to have maintained a grade point average of 2.0 or higher in their previous undergraduate study.

Although not required, one letter of recommendation from a previous professor or employer substantiating that the applicant possesses the necessary intellectual ability and mental attitude to complete the required courses within the required time frame is helpful when evaluating the application, and so applicants are encouraged to provide a letter of recommendation.

Credentials of students educated in other countries are evaluated individually. Applicants are required to provide English translations of foreign language credentials, and to provide (at the applicant’s expense) evaluations of their documents by an independent credential evaluation agency satisfactory to KPU (KPU provides a list of such agencies, see Student Handbook and/or KPU website,

General Education requirements are defined as those areas of learning that are the common experience of all educated persons. These include studies from concentrated areas in humanities, mathematics and the sciences, and the social sciences.

Thirty six (36) of the minimum 60 semester units must be in these areas. Courses within areas of concentration of the subject matter of a program shall not be considered General Education.  The remaining twenty-four (24) credits may come from any other field of study, including areas of concentration, as long as that they are not remedial in nature.

Minimum 6 units

This includes courses in fields such as literature, philosophy, logic, foreign language, art, music appreciation, and communication including rhetoric, composition, and speech. Not included are business communication, spelling, letter writing, word stud, and any  study support classes.

Mathematics and the Sciences
Minimum 3 units mathematics AND Minimum 6 units science

This includes courses such as biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, and mathematics theory and analysis including algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, and other advanced mathematics courses. Business mathematics, basic computations, and math study support courses are excluded.

Social Sciences
Minimum 6 units

This includes courses such as history, economics, political science, geography, sociology, anthropology, and general psychology, but excludes courses such as practical psychology, selling techniques, and social or business behavior or etiquette courses.

Other Courses
24 units

Courses in this category that are accepted can be from any field of study as long as they are not remedial in nature.


Enrollment Procedures

Application forms, current school catalogues, and other information concerning enrollment may be obtained from Kings Park University, Admissions Department, 4613D Pinecrest Office Park Drive, Alexandria, Virginia, 22312 (Telephone: 703-354-3533; Website:

Students may apply at any time to the University and may enroll at the beginning of any trimester, provided the appropriate courses are being offered. However, all required documents listed below must be submitted to the Admissions Office at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the first day of class. Those applicants judged to be fully qualified who exhibit ample evidence of their capacity to successfully complete the University’s educational programs will be contacted for an interview with the Admissions Coordinator. For those who live far from the campus and find it impractical to make a special trip, the required pre-admission interview may be made by telephone at the discretion of the Admissions Coordinator.

All U.S. applicants are required to submit the following:

1. Completed application form (including Statement of Purpose).

2. Application fee of $100.00 (non-refundable)

3. Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended

4. Two (2) passport-size photographs taken recently

5. A copy of applicant’s birth certificate or current driver’s license.

6. A letter of interest from the applicant, explaining why he/she desires to attend the Kings Park University School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

7. Arrange for an interview with the Admissions Coordinator