Financial Information


Financial Information

Kings Park University strives to offer an excellent education program at an affordable tuition. The following table lists the tuition and fee charges that pertain to the M.S.A.O.M. program.

Service Provided Amount Charged
Application Fee (non refundable) $100
Student Fee (non refundable) $50
Registration Fee (non refundable) $50
Late Registration Fee (non refundable) $75
Reinstatement Fee $200
Academic Course $200
Certification Course (per credit) $150
Clinic Course (per hour) $10
Audit(Academic Courses) $100


Miscellaneous Amount Charged
Change of Course Examination $25 Late
Makeup Examination $100
Official Transcript Request $20
Returned Check Service Fee $40
Graduation Fee $300
Repeat License Certification Processing $150


Special Examinations Amount Charged
Clinic Internship Evaluations (per exam) $50 Late
Clinical Proficiency Exams (per exam) $50
Comprehensive Exam (per exam) $100
Final Exam Re-test (per exam) $75
Course Challenge Exam for Credit (per exam) $100
Graduation Assessment Test $200
Comprehensive Assessment Test $100

Other Estimated Expenses**Estimated Expense

Textbooks $900
total Supplies (needles, gloves, lab coat, medical tools, etc.)$600 total

* These numbers are estimated costs only.  Certain costs may be more or less expensive depending on several factors, including but not limited to: purchasing new vs. used textbooks, the company from which a student purchases medical supplies, and how newly published a textbook may be.

Tuition Payment Plan
All tuition and fee payments are due at the beginning of each trimester at the time of registration. Upon request, however, KPU provides the following deferred payment plan for the convenience of students who are unable to pay the total amount due at registration:

1. The total amount due for a given trimester is divided equally into two (2) payments, with the first payment due at registration. The balance is due on an agreed date.
2. There will be a late payment charge of $50 if a required payment is missed.
3. All accounts must be current and reconciled before a student can register for the following trimester.

For questions concerning tuition payment plans, contact the Registrar or the Admissions Coordinator.

Tuition Refund Policy
Students may withdraw from KPU at any time. If a student wishes to withdraw from the school, he or she must notify the school in writing. Termination will become effective based on the last date of attendance of classes, and the date of notification will be considered the date on which the letter was postmarked.

Refunds are issued according to the following schedule:

1st Week – 2nd Week 75% Refund
3rd Week – 4th Week 50% Refund
5th Week – 7th Week 25% Refund
8th Week or later No Refund

Once purchased, books and other materials are the property of the student. If they are returned to the University in original condition within two weeks from the date of withdrawal, a full refund will be made for the books and materials which were originally purchased through KPU. An applicant may cancel his/her enrollment at any time prior to the first day of class and will receive a full refund except for the $100 application fee (or $300 international student application fee), $50 registration fee.

Special Topic Elective courses
If a student wants to withdraw from a Special Topic Elective course (STE), the student must notify the school in writing three weeks prior to the start of class.