Access Services If You Have a Disability


Access Services If You Have a Disability

A Quick Guide on How to Access Services

1) Register with Disability Services online at or with the ADA Compliance Coordinator at the ARU campus Administration Office, 7998 Donegan Drive, Manassas VA 20109.
2) Request reasonable accommodation(s) by filling out an accommodation request form (specific to your disability/disabilities) online or at the ARU Administration Office, and provide appropriate diagnostic documentation or evidence of your disability.
3) Receive approval, modification, or denial of your accommodation request from the ADA Compliance Coordinator within 10 business days.
4) Attend a private appointment with the ADA Compliance Coordinator to discuss the specifics of your reasonable accommodation(s).
5) Make an appointment with your instructor(s) and any involved faculty members to discuss the requirements of your approved reasonable accommodation(s) and have them sign the Reasonable Accommodation Contract Form.
6) You must then sign the Reasonable Accommodation Contract Form.
7) Return the signed Reasonable Accommodation Contract Form to the ADA Compliance Coordinator.
8) Follow-up regularly with the ADA Compliance Coordinator if you need additional reasonable accommodations or services, if your existing services need modification, additions, or canceling, or if you are experiencing any related issues.

Guidelines for Registering with Disability Services and Requesting Reasonable Accommodations
To register with Disability Services and make a request for reasonable accommodation(s), students may complete the online registration form(s) at and submit their diagnostic documentation. Students may also seek registration and Reasonable Accommodation Request Forms from the Student Affairs Coordinator or the ADA Compliance Coordinator, both located in the Administration Offices on the Arirang University campus. Both parties are also available to answer any applicable questions.

Disability Services is a component of the Administrative Department and works to ensure that reasonable and effective accommodations and support services are in place for those members of the University community who have a documented disability. A disability may be psychological, auditory, medical, cognitive/learning, or another chronic condition as defined by a qualified professional. To determine appropriate accommodations, enrolled students of the University who self-disclose a disability must provide diagnostic evidence of the disability from a professional who is qualified by education and training to make such an evaluation. Students must bear the initial cost of obtaining the diagnostic evidence.

Registration and Reasonable Accommodation Approval
After a student registers with and/or requests reasonable accommodation(s) from Disability Services, the ADA Compliance Coordinator will approve, modify, or deny the registration and/or request and will contact the student within 10 business days to inform s/he of their status and to set up an appointment to discuss the specifics of the requested reasonable accommodation(s).

All medical information obtained throughout the registration and reasonable accommodation request process is considered a confidential medical record. All student reasonable accommodation requests, diagnostic documentation, etc. will be kept in secure confidential files within the Administration Office. This information must be solicited and received by the ADA Compliance Coordinator, who will provide only information about necessary restrictions and accommodations to faculty and staff, in order to fully and effectively meet the reasonable accommodation.

Reasonable accommodations are made on a case by case basis and in keeping with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Reasonable accommodations will be met in a timely manner (based upon the extensive nature of the request). Students are always encouraged and welcome to speak with the ADA Compliance Coordinator if the accommodation no longer meets their needs or if they feel it should be modified. To request a modification to an existing accommodation, students must submit an “Accommodation Modification Form” to the ADA Compliance Coordinator.

When a requested accommodation is outside Arirang University’s responsibility, jurisdiction, or power, (e.g. general facilities modification, parking, elevator access), the ADA Compliance Coordinator and the University President will review the reasonable accommodation request with the building management company. If the request is deemed reasonable (see reasonable accommodation definition), measures will be taken to meet it.

Prospective Students
Prospective students will not be discriminated against and may apply to receive reasonable accommodations prior to admission and enrollment. Prospective or current students of the University who have self-disclosed a disability, registered with Disability Services, and have provided the appropriate documentation, must meet with the ADA Compliance Coordinator in order to receive reasonable accommodation(s) and be referred for other services to which they may be entitled. The ADA Compliance Coordinator is available to meet with prospective and current students, parents, previous guidance counselors, faculty, and staff.

All student applicants are welcome to visit the Arirang University campus prior to applying or enrolling in a program. Students with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations or services for their visits, interview, or orientation (Braille documents, oral transliteration, interpreting, auditory devices, etc.).

Applicants who are offered admission to any Arirang University program will be informed of the University policy to provide reasonable accommodations for applicants and employees with disabilities. They will be informed that they can contact the ADA Compliance Coordinator to request accommodations and how to make the request.

The following paragraph will be included in any correspondence following the initial acceptance letter:
“It is the policy of Arirang University to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified persons with disabilities who are students or student applicants. If you need assistance or accommodations to visit ARU, participate in an interview, or attend orientation because of a disability, please contact the ADA Compliance Coordinator at 7998 Donegan Drive, Manassas VA 20109 (703) 420-2302. Academic opportunities will not be denied to anyone because of the need to make reasonable accommodations for a person’s disability.

Qualified student applicants cannot be denied employment solely on the basis of a need to provide a reasonable accommodation.

Why Register with Disability Services?
Students who have a disability but do not anticipate a need for accommodations or services while at the University are also encouraged to register with Disability Services. Disability-related documentation is kept strictly confidential, and students can present documentation without requesting services or accommodations. Should an unanticipated need for services or accommodations arise, Disability Services can begin to assist the student without delay if their disability-related documentation is already on file.