Student Services


Student Services

New Student Orientation
The ARU New Student Orientation takes place at the beginning of every student’s first trimester of study at the University. Orientation involves an overview of the program, a review of the Student Handbook, a question and answer period, and a tour of the facilities. Orientation ends with a welcome from the president.

Academic and Program Counseling
Depending on a student’s need for advice and guidance regarding their academic program, he or she can meet with the Academic Dean, Administration Dean, and/or Registrar. These individuals are available to assist with academic planning, course selection, questions regarding academic progress, and other academic issues. Faculty members are also available formally and informally to help students with academic issues. Students should refer to specific course syllabi for faculty members’ office hours, as they are subject to change.

Financial Assistance
At present, ARU does not offer or provide federal financial assistance to students. There are, however, a limited number of financial assistance awards and scholarships awarded on the basis of scholastic achievement and financial need. Students may contact the Admissions Coordinator for financial assistance information.

Student Healthcare Services
ARU offers students health services through the AMC Alexandria INC (Asian Medical Center) ARU teaching clinic on a free or reduced-cost basis, depending on the type of service(s) needed. ARU also assists in referring students to nearby Western medical practitioners when necessary. Students may speak with the receptionist at the clinic for out of office Western medicine referrals, as well as visit the Student Affairs Coordinator for additional information.

Student Government
The entire student body is encouraged to elect a president each year to hold periodic meetings of the student body to discuss issues of student interest, and to serve as a spokesperson to the ARU administration whenever the student body wishes to provide input on academic and campus issues.

Career Placement Services
ARU does not offer career placement services at this time. However, the Student Affairs Coordinator is available to provide resources and information regarding career placement. Bulletin boards on campus are regularly updated to showcase upcoming networking events, job fairs, and career options.